Update v 0.1.0 in Development!

After Feedback from the GitHub GameOff, we're making quality of life improvements and welcomed changes to Heat Wave that should go live later this month after the competition.  In the spirit of the competition we didn't want to push these changes live until voting was over!  But here's a quick teaser!

Relive the glory days of text based inventory management!

Get ready to take your drug slinging skills to the next level with Heat Wave!  Start as a small time dealer with a debt to pay, and work your way up the ranks to a true cartel boss!

Currently In Development as part of the GitHub Game Off 2017 GameJam!

Will be updated after GameJam is finished!  Coming Q1 2018 to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, on Itch.io and Steam!

Programming: Rob Janes
Game Design: Richard Ballerman
Additional Game Design: Rob Janes
Artwork and Graphics: Richard Ballerman
Music & Sound: Richard Ballerman
Development Dates: November 2nd 2017, November 30th, 2017.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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